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“Stephanie helped me navigate the legal side of starting my own medical practice--something I initially though I could do on my own. Starting a practice directly upon graduation is a very daunting task. I made many mistakes, wasting precious time. It would have saved me  a lot of time and money if I had consulted with Stephanie from day 1. I regret not doing so. Even after doing my own research, talking to several accountants and lawyers, no one was as understanding of naturopathic medicine scope nor as thorough and informative. She made sure I completed all legal documents to get my business up and running, reviewed consent forms and my website. I truly feel I could not have started my practice without Stephanie’s legal expertise. Stephanie is unique in that she is a trained Naturopathic Doctor AND lawyer who understands medicine and ND scope of practice in California. She is incredibly thorough, communicative and organized. Do yourself a huge favor and hire her for you legal council.”


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